Unicard: Check Benefits and Features of Uni Credit Card

by Adam Smith
Unicard Check Benefits and Features of Uni Credit Card

Nowadays everyone is using credit cards and debit cards but Unicard is one of the best options of all. You can use it everywhere at any time. It has a small pocket size. You can keep it easily. The government or banks are issued it for helping the people who can not afford a luxurious lifestyle. Universities are also issued it for helping students to pay their fees, library funds, etc.

What is unicard?

Unicard is the 1/3-paying credit card that you can pay credit in three monthly installments. It’s easy to access. You have not to pay interest on it within its first three months. If you are late for paying installments then you have to pay interest on it. If you buy a sofa for 30,000 and you have no credit.

In this situation, you can pay it from a uni credit card, or a uni 1/3 paying card. You pay the first 10,000 in one month and pay an equal amount in the second and third months. It’s a small pocket-size card that you can keep easily in your wallet.

Uni card benefits and other features:

  • If you pay the full payment you can enjoy 1% cash back on it.
  • You can split your payment into three-month installments with no extra interest.
  • There is no application for joining or annually fee
  • It’s a lifetime free card and developed by advanced technology.
  • There is no problem with using it for essentials, groceries, and luxurious items.
  • The minimum amount of its 20,000and maximizes by 600,000.
  • Make 1/3 easy installments within three months. Otherwise, you have to pay interest on it.
  • Also, this card is used in merchant outlets. 99.9 percent of merchants accept your credit card.
  • They make sure that they return credit to their users. If customers pay advance credit and they have no knowledge about it.
  • It also provides a safety policy for its users.

Unipay 1/3rdcredit limit:

Uni card minimum credit limit is 20,000 and the maximum credit limit is 600,000. You can pay your credit in three-month easy installments. If you are late for your installments you have to pay interest on it. The credit card is decided by the source of your income score. If you have a high-income score it’s easy to access your uni card for 6, 9, 12, and 18-month installments.

Apply for uni credit card:

You can easily apply for a uni card through the UNICARD application from the play store. You just have to download the application from the play store and fill out all the information which is related to you. By using this you received your uni card within 5 to 7 working days.

Uni  1/3rdcard charges and other details:

There is no annual or joining fee. You have to pay your bill within 10 days. If you cannot use your unicard it will be frozen in six months. Its carry forward fee is up to 5.5%. Its minimum amount due is 7.5% of the outstanding amount.

Eligibility criteria for uni cards:

The applicable customer must be at least 25 years old and the maximum age is 60 years. The applicant must have a good score income. You must be a resident of your country. You must have a good score income to apply for this card.

Uni card customer safety policy:

They provide their applicable a good safety policy. They will make sure that they return the advance credit to their users. If you may lose your card your card will be blocked nobody can use it. They give 1% cash back to their users if they full bill.

How uni card is different from other cards:

Suppose you have another credit and your bill is INR 60,000. Your first installment is INR 10,000 and the remaining amount is INR 50,000. You have to pay interest on the remaining amount.

While with a uni 1/3rd card your three months will be equal and you don’t have to pay interest on it. The other cards’ installment limit time is 50 days with interest and the uni card installment limit time is 60 days with no interest. That’s the big difference between other credit cards and uni cards.

Final words:

Uni card is one of the best options for other cards. It will help you to pay credit in three-month easy installments. There is no interest in it. If you were late for your three-month installments then you can pay interest on it. It provides a safety policy to its users. You can use it at every merchant outlet.


How can I pay my Unicard bill?

You can pay your bill in three monthly installments. To do this, simply go to the “Billing” section of your account and select the “3-month payment plan” option.

How to use Unicard?

You can use like any other credit card. You can use it for shopping, travel, and everyday expenses. The only difference is that you will pay 1/3 of the bill every month for three months. There is no interest or additional fees.

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