Top Features to Have in A Ride Sharing Mobile App

by Jennifer Caston
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We all have experienced taking an auto or sharing an auto with other passengers. Well, now

there is an app for that. You can do the same but without having to wait on the road for an auto to arrive, bargain for the price, and if the driver doesn’t agree wait for another auto to arrive, agree, and take you to your desired destination. All this stress and hard work can be eliminated with ride-sharing app development. People are already using such applications and loving the experience. Hence, it is one of the best mobile app development ideas to choose from and be a part of this profitable industry.

Features to Have in Ride Sharing App

Check out some of the best features to integrate into your taxi booking app development. The market is already highly competitive so don’t miss out on any important features.

Customer App Features

1) Account Creation

A new user has to register with the app by filling in the basic details like name, email id, and contact number. Several apps keep additional details like age, gender, and other basic details. Keeping more questions at the time of registration can drive your user away as they might not have time or interest in sharing all these details with the app.

2) Login

Once registered with the app, the user can Login at any time or stay logged in always with their contact number or email address. All the apps always provide an option of login through social media channels. This is an easier way to Login instead of adding all the details and remembering the passwords.

3) Add Destination Address

A cab booking app should allow adding the address of the destination they are supposed to visit. They can also add locations on the map for easier travel.

4) Get Cost Estimation

Once the passenger adds to the pick-up and drop-off location in the app, the app shows the cost estimation of the ride. The cost differs based on the type of vehicle. Users can pick the one based on their needs.

5) Get the Drivers Location

After the ride is booked, the users receive the name and contact details of the driver to call and know about the estimated time of arrival. The app shows how far is the ride and how much time will it take to reach it. However, getting the contact details helps the user to call and explain the address. Users also get the vehicle’s number and an OTP to share with the driver before starting the ride.

6) Track Vehicle

The app provides a feature where users can track where is vehicle is going and how long will it take to reach. This also helps the user to know if the driver is going in the wrong direction, call him, and suggest how to reach their location easily and fast.

7) Search With Filter

Search can be customized by adding filters and getting needed results. This feature helps the user to add a filter based on the number of passengers traveling, type of vehicle, offers and discounts, and driver’s gender to be extra secure. Based on the set filters, you will get suggestions accordingly.

8) Push Notifications

With this feature, users can get notifications about any discounts or offers. Users can also get updates about the ride status. This feature is extremely important for cab booking apps.

9) Book For Someone Else

Do you want to book a cab for your parents, friends, or relatives? Well, no worries a ride-booking app lets you book the cab for someone else as well.

10) Rate and Review

The app asks for feedback and values it. You can rate and share your review about the driver and about the ride. This will help improve the experience and also help other users.  

Driver App Features

1) Register and Login

The driver can register with the ride-sharing app by adding basic details like name, and email address, and get started with using the application. The driver can also login through social media accounts which is an easier way.

2) Creating a User Profile

The driver can create a user profile by adding some information like name, address, age, gender, driving experience, driving license, contact number, photo, and such things. This will help get him more rides from the app.

3) Accept/Reject Request

The driver can accept the ride if he is willing to drive to the set location and reject the request if he is not willing to go.

4) Go Offline

If the driver wants to take a break for some time and doesn’t want to drive for a few hours, he can use this feature and go offline and avoid getting any new ride requests.

5) Ride Details

The driver can get the details of the ride like the address, location, and contact details of the user. The driver gets pickup and drops off at the location of the user with this feature.

6) Navigation

The driver gets a navigation feature to drive to the user’s location. With navigation, he can easily fetch the user’s address and reach there in a minimum time.

7) Contact Passengers

Drive get the contact details of the passenger and can chat with them or call them to know the exact location and reach the fastest without wasting time.

8) Get Payment

The driver can get the payment either in cash or in the app itself. The app has a wallet where the user can make the payment which can be received and saved by the driver.

9) Rate and Review

Just like the user, the driver can also rate and share their review about the ride and the passenger. He can also share his feedback about the passenger.

Wrapping Up

You can develop a ride-booking app by integrating all these features. Now, don’t waste a single moment and consult a top taxi booking app development company and start with your project the quickest.

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