Top 4 PC to Cloud Backup Software in 2022

by Adam Smith
Top 4 PC to Cloud Backup Software in 2022

What should you do to protect computer files well?

With the advent of the digital age, you might find there are more and more data on your computer and external hard drive, if you create backups for your computer with the free backup software, it’s dangerous for you to store backups locally because of the threats on system crashes, disk failure, virus attacks, software collapse, and many more. What should you do to protect your critical data well to defense these unexpected things? Here comes the software for backup PC to cloud.

Now, we will show you the top 4 PC to cloud backup software for you to make choices to backup data to cloud directly prevent data from losing by accident.

Top 4 PC to cloud backup software

Here, you will be described to the top 4 online PC backup software and the detailed information that you might interested in, like free cloud storage, security and more.

Option 1. OneDrive desktop app

OneDrive is the most popular cloud service all over the world, and you could use it to sync files between local computer and the OneDrive cloud, as well as share files with others, file management such as download, move, edit, copy, and more. It integrates all Microsoft apps for you to collaborate with other easily.

It provides you the 5GB free cloud storage space for free users, and use 256-bit AES encryption and 2-Step Verification for you to safeguard your data.

However, you can only use OneDrive to backup folders like Desktop, Documents, Pictures, no any other folders included.

Option 2. Google Drive for Desktop

Google Drive for desktop allows you to sync files from local computer to Google Drive, and sync Google Drive to local computer or external hard drive, enjoy the cloud storage with Gmail and Google Photos, it’s not the ideal way to store files to Google Drive. It integrate with many Google Apps, and share files with others effectively.

It offers free 15GB cloud storage for every registered user, and 128-bit AES Encryption, 2-Step Verification to protect your files.

Option 3. Dropbox desktop app

If you want to backup computer to cloud, the Dropbox desktop app could be your choice, because it allows you to sync computer to Dropbox, and use selective sync to sync Dropbox to local disk as well, Dropbox smart sync can save your disk space to make all files online only.

It offers 2GB free cloud storage for free users, and it’s not the best choice for you, or you have to upgrade to get more space for advanced Dropbox plans.

Dropbox use 256-bit AES Encryption and 2-Step Verification to maintain your data on cloud, and you could only backup the three folders, like Desktop, Documents, Downloads.

Option 4. CBackup desktop app

CBackup desktop app is provided by the CBackup, which is the free cloud backup service provider, and allows you to sync and backup files from local computer to CBackup Cloud directly, and provides the powerful settings for you to make a online backup for PC, like scheduler to enable scheduled backup, email notification, file filter, version cleanup, and more to make all the tasks smart to run.

It offers you the free 10GB cloud storage of CBackup Cloud, and you could expand to 1TB or 5TB, etc.

Besides, it allows you to backup files to public clouds, like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other clouds directly, and very useful if the Google Drive for desktop not working to upload files to Google Drive. It use 256-bit AES encryption and End-to-End encryption to protect your data.

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Best Free Online Backup Software

After comparison, the CBackup desktop could be the best PC to cloud and cloud to cloud backup software, because the following reasons:

  • It covers all the other clouds, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more.
  • It is safe enough to protect your data, use 256-bit AES encryption and End-to-End encryption.
  • The data is stored on the cloud that you trust, no data leakage, and privacy problems.
  • It can merge all the cloud storage into one to get a huge backup space if you meet the Google Drive is full problem, and store more files after the combination.

How to use PC to cloud backup software?

According to the above information, you might have answer to the best free PC to cloud backup software. And here, we will show you how to use the best free cloud backup software for PC, CBackup.


1. Please download the CBackup desktop app, then create a free account and sign in.

2. Click the My Storage icon on the left, select Google Drive and hit Authorize Now, then complete the authorization.

How to use PC to cloud backup software?

3. Hit the Backup icon, then hit Backup PC to Public Cloud under the PC to Cloud Backup section.

PC to Cloud Backup

4. Choose the computer files you want to backup, and select Google Drive as the backup target.

Google Drive

5. Press the Start Backup button to backup computer files to Google Drive online.

Tips: You could set up the Settings on the bottom left to enable Scheduler, Email Notification, File Filter to make the task running quickly.

The End

Now you have mastered the best free PC to cloud backup software among these 4 solutions, just choose the one that suits you most.

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