The Essentialities of ETH Futures Trading Online

by Adam Smith
The Essentialities of ETH Futures Trading Online

ETH Futures Trading can be carried out safely and smoothly on the BTCC platform online. This is due to the high credentials of this cryptocurrency exchange provider that are highly realized by its national and international clients.

The easy steps of ETH Futures Trading on the BTCC online platform

ETH Futures Trading can be carried out with much ease and quickness at the BTCC platform online and its experience will be genuinely overwhelming for its users. However, the straightforward steps that are to be adopted by the interested users will be as follows:

In the prime step of ETH Futures Trading, the BTCC Futures Trading web page has to be opened. At this point, a user has to register a free account at BTCC which is instant, and subsequently make an initial deposit. One can unbelievably initiate trading with a minimal deposit of only two USDT and if the deposit amount is greater than two hundred USDT, a user gains an optimal bonus of two thousand USDT.

Next is the choice of ETH Futures Trading type. This pertains to daily, weekly, or perpetual ETH contracts. Now the order types of ETH Futures Trading are to be chosen wherein the order types are market orders, limit orders, and stop loss orders respectively.  The market orders are the orders at the best current price to instantly execute a buy or sell order.

The limit order is set by the trader to buy or sell ETH Futures Trading at a specified or a better price. Generally, the buy order is executed at the limit price or a lower one while the sell order is executed at the limit price or the higher one, and a stop order, or better said stop-loss order is an order set by a trader to buy or sell at a specified price level. This order is executed automatically after a certain price level is reached.   

Later he or she has to opt for the suitable level of leverage of ETH Futures Trading as pre-requisites. Usually, the leverage of a weekly ETH contract is 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x. A user has to also choose the lot size of ETH Futures Trading which ranges from one to three thousand lots. It is to be noted here that BTCC renders the contract values from real-time data as well as insurance funds for the easy and fast references of its elite members.

Herein, the stop-profit and stop-loss targets of ETH Futures Trading have to be set by the adoption of market orders, limit orders or stop orders, respectively. The difference is in their execution period wherein market orders are instantaneous at the best current price whilst limit and stop orders are executed at the price within a day or during the week. Eventually, a user has to select the price direction that is after setting up the basic data information he or she can opt for buy or sell after entering the desired price and ETH Futures Trading is successfully completed.

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