Monoprice 110010: Best Gaming Headset in 2022

by Adam Smith
Monoprice 110010 Best Gaming Headset in 2022 - TechRer

Monoprice 110010 gaming headset is the best gaming headset for game lovers who really want to enjoy the best quality of sounds in a Bluetooth headset. This device is made very stylishly and comfortable to attach to the head and has leather ear cups while using.USA people can find at a very reasonable price easily.

It has a black color head belt made of plastic. This headphone has a very special feature of noise_canceling coming from outside that may cause disturbance during use. USA people should have an interest in this excellent device.

How does it work

Monoprice 110010 has some special features that help it to show significant performance with games, video chats, TV, and films. These headsets can connect easily and can be set up with any Bluetooth device.

Monoprice has superior sound quality with a long-lasting battery.

When people travel by airplane and any vehicle, has only a problem that this isn’t a noise-canceling device on that spot.

Features of Monoprice 110010 Gaming Headset   

In this text, we will have a direct look at its features. That may include its battery, sound quality, overview, and price. If we count the review and features then it will take a long list to describe. That’s why we have optimized some major features:

Sound quality

Here we will talk about its major feature which has outstanding performance while using it. Monoprice 110010 is popular due to its high-quality sound and its tremendous performance.

This headset has noise-canceling features that cover the lack of sound clarity. This headset has 40mm drivers. It provides AAC and SBC codes. It also comes up with a high-quality sound for those who love music and watching movies.


It has a fine battery life that may work till 52 hours constantly. Its Bluetooth has 5.0 connectivity that works excellently having wireless connection support. Monoprice headset has a gold-plated battery.

They are also congruent and movable audio devices via their 3.5mm jack. This Monoprice headset has enduring battery life.


This wireless gaming headset is designed very beautifully and uniquely having tremendous specs. When we unbox it, we find a nice Monoprice logo. Monoprice is very comfortable and relaxing to wear on the head and ear.

It has black leather ear cups and a plastic headband that size might not equal for everyone.


We can connect it with a wide range of devices. Your linking wireless receiver connects to the system using USB and optical Toslink the headset has flexible control for getting the perfect blend of gaming and chat audio.

The soft pads give you a great seal immersing you in the world of your game and breathable head pads that you can play for hours. It has a very affordable price almost $100.

You can buy this from Amazon and your near location.


  • The Monoprice 110010 is a gaming headset with a frequency response of 20Hz -20khz and an impedance of 32ohms.
  • This is an incredible choice for gamers. You can easily connect it with each gaming laptop.
  • Monoprice is very comfortable to use and provides an excellent quality of sound.
  • You can use this wireless headset where ever you are.
  • Its 50mm driver gives you clear sound and decent frequency response.
  • This headset is variable and light weighted.
  • Battery timing is long-lasting.
  • Pick up the voices well.
  • Outstanding high-quality sound system.
  • Very reasonable price.
  • This headset noise canceling the environment when using it.
  • Having outstanding loud music when listening.


  • Its disadvantage will be just if unfortunately, people wouldn’t have this.
  • This is not a noise-canceling headset when you travel by airplane or some kind of vehicle.
  • Its battery is impressive till 52 hours, but unfortunately, it drops down in certain areas due to wireless range.


Monoprice 110010 a gaming headset is very useful for those who love to play games, watch films, video chats and play music it is very comfortable and has soft ear pods. It is popular by its high-quality sound and amazing features plus long-lasting battery life. If you really want a device having a very reasonable price with convenient features and wonderful performance then you will be happy to get this masterpiece.

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