How to Delete an Indeed Account Permanently: An Ultimate Guide 2023

by Uqba
How to Delete an Indeed Account Permanently

Indeed is a professional platform for anybody to find their categorical jobs. It has immense types of jobs, company reviews, and requirements according to your resume. Many users across the world create an account but they don’t know that how to delete an indeed Account permanently.

So if you have an account but don’t want to use the platform anymore then you can close your account anytime.

Here’s are few steps how to delete an indeed Account permanently:

Step 1: Initially, log into your indeed Account by entering registered email and password.

Step 2: Click on the profile icon, you can see the icon in the top right corner. Now, go to the Settings and then Account settings.

go to settings

There will be various options like account type, email, password, and phone number. Just scroll down a little bit and press Close my account.

close my indeed account

Step 4: Now, a pop-up window will appear and will ask the reason to close the account. You can choose any reason that suits you best.


Suggestion: If you only want to stop receiving commercial emails like job recommendations, career guidance, application status, and Indeed feedback then simply press Email settings.

stop commertial emails

You can stop any specific option by turning it off or scroll down and click the Unsubscribe from all commercial emails. All additional emails will be stopped.

What happens next after deleting the indeed account?

  • Once you have close the account, your request will be sent to the system and they will review your request.
  • After reviewing, they will permanently close your account. It means that you will not be able to use the Indeed account anymore.
  • All subscriptions from the website will automatically be deleted. Furthermore, you will not get any SMS texts on mobile number or emails.
  • But you can be in touch with your employers with whom you have work.

In the future, if you have changed your mind and want to be a part of the Indeed community again then you can create a new Indeed account by using a new email and phone number.

Even more, you are allowed to rejoin the platform by using the previous email and phone number.


How to delete an indeed employer account?

Simply, go to the Settings > Account Settings > Close my account. After reviewing your request, your employer account will be deleted.

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