Google Pixelbook 12in: Best 360-Degree Axis Laptop in 2022

by Adam Smith
Google Pixelbook 12in

Do you know about Google’s advanced technologies Google pixelbook 12in? Desktop computers are used for many years ago. Now, advanced technologies are being launched day by day. The interesting thing is people also love to use advanced technologies like this. This laptop was introduced by Google to its users.

What is Google pixel book 12in?

Google pixelbook 12in is a smart 2-in-1 laptop that is introduced by Google. It comes in with an amazing 360-degree Axis and with a 12-inch impassive high-screen display. Also, it comes with a modern Intel core I5 processor which gives the fast process of data. It has 8 GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. The 360 Hinge allows you to use it in 4 different exciting ways:

  • Tablet mode
  • Laptop mode
  • Stand mode
  • Tent mode
360-degree Axis Pixelbook

Pixel 12in is a tap Chromebook. It has an assistant manager who will answer your all questions. It will guide you that how can you manage your all schedules. You can work with it both as a laptop and as a tablet. Its design was created by keeping in mind people’s choices.

Features of Google pixelbook 12in:

Here are the fantastic and classy features:

  • This machine comes with its impressing 7th Gen Intel Core I5 processor that gives the extra fast processing of your data.
  • It has 16 GB Ram which can handle your all hard data easily.
  • It has a 512 GB solid-state drive (SSD) which stores your unlimited number of data and it can not be fulfilled easily.
  • It’s run for 10 hours on a fully charged battery which is quite a good feature for any desktop computer or laptop.
  • Google Pixelbook 12in does not take much time to turn on. It turns on within ten seconds.
  • It also provides a Google assistant policy. If you face any problem regarding this device it will be here to answer your technical questions.
  • They also provide pen support with it.
  • This have also communication system which is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can easily connect your device with other devices through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Why purchase?

Google pixel book 12in have a sleek design and a good high-resolution display. It has a very smooth touch screen that is easy to use and attracts buyers to purchase it.

It provides an impressive processor that processes your data fast. So it has no issue with data storage and has crystal-clear audio and video. This laptop is quite a fancy price but it’s worth it to its users for its advanced features and modern design.

It has 16 GB Ram which can handle your burden of work easily and it has unlimited 512 GB storage which can easily store your all data and private document safely. You can use this device easily while traveling through its 2-in-1 functions. You will be satisfied with it when you buy this grand technology.

Pros of Google pixelbook 12in:

  • Google pixel book 12in has an amazing sleek modern design which is a very attractive look and attracts people’s choice.  And have a high-resolution display screen.
  • The big benefit of this laptop is it supports all android apps. Android apps are easy to succeed that’s why they keep in mind access for their users.
  • It has a classy and impressive large keyboard with large keywords which identifies its high price.
  • It provides speedy and powerful performance to its users. It turns on within 10 seconds.
  • This laptop is quite lightweight and has a sleek design.

Cons of Google pixel 12in:

  • This laptop does not provide a biometric option. The absence of a biometric option may not be liked by some users because of their privacy policy.
  • It has average battery timing.
  • It may cost some users.


Google pixel book 12in is a very demanding laptop in the market because of its modern design, advanced features, and including its advantages that are not available in previous models. It may hefty for some users but it is worthwhile and fruitful. This laptop is very handy you can use it while traveling. It also provides a gaming mode to its users.

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