Effective Ways to Promote Your Art works Business

a prime platform to connect with potential customers

by Jennifer Caston
a prime platform to connect with potential customers

During these challenging times in the market, artists are cutting down on their art marketing expenses. However, it’s vital to recognize the opportunity and take advantage of free marketing options and innovative methods to promote your art business online.

And when I say innovative, I mean completely free! There are countless ways to market your art business without spending a dime, and as an artist, it’s crucial to utilize your skills now more than ever.

Although these methods require a time investment, they can be enjoyable, thrilling, and ultimately fulfilling if approached seriously.

Start a Blog

As an artist, establishing a blog can offer you numerous advantages. It serves as an excellent tool for promoting your personal brand, selling your artwork, and providing customer service. Moreover, a blog provides a prime platform to connect with potential customers.

You might already have a website showcasing your art, pricing details, contact information, and captivating videos. However, the challenge lies in driving traffic to your website because people may not be aware of its existence. Creating a blog presents the easiest solution to this problem.

To attract readers, focus on writing about topics that resonate with artists or those searching for an artist online. The key is to make your blog centered around your readers, prioritizing their interests over your own.

If you need guidance on starting a blog, you can find informative articles on FineArtTips.com, including “5 Simple Steps to Start Your First Blog” and “8 Tips to Create a Great Blog Post.”

Become a part of a social media network.

To establish brand recognition for yourself and your art business, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide the fastest and most effective means. A strong brand is invaluable as it conveys credibility to potential customers, peers, and business associates.

Rest assured, social media is far from being a passing trend. It represents a fundamental shift in the way we communicate, completely transforming the rules of the marketplace.

Despite being a solitary occupation, artists need not feel isolated thanks to social networking. These platforms offer numerous opportunities, such as obtaining instant feedback on your latest painting, attracting thousands of visitors to your blog, seeking critiques on your art, finding inspiration, and even selling your artwork through platforms like Facebook. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Create Your Own Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine, right after Google? Videos are a powerful medium for sharing online content, and you don’t need to be a filmmaker like James Cameron to create engaging videos that attract views and drive traffic to your website or blog.

Videos provide a refreshing change from the traditional blog post format. By uploading your videos to YouTube and embedding them on your website, you can significantly increase your site’s traffic by leveraging the vast viewership that YouTube already enjoys.

When creating videos, tailor them to your target audience. For example, if you specialize in watercolor painting, you could demonstrate how to master a specific technique. If you need inspiration on how to incorporate videos into your website, you can visit my video page.  

Guest Post on Other Blogs

Using guest posts on other blogs is a highly effective strategy to attract more traffic to your website and introduce your artwork to new readers. Seek out fellow artists who maintain blogs and inquire about the possibility of writing a guest post for them. You can offer to share an inspiring story, a how-to demonstration, or a helpful art tip.

Your guest post will include a brief description of yourself and a link back to your website or blog. Blog owners often appreciate guest posts as they add value to their blogs. By leveraging this opportunity, you can drive traffic to your own site, potentially leading to increased sales. Furthermore, it will enhance your credibility as both an artist and an expert in your field.

To get started, you can submit a guest article to my blog, CamRojud.com. It’s a great way to kick off your guest-posting journey.

Become a member and actively engage in online forums.

Become an engaged member of your preferred art-related forums and actively participate in their online communities. There are numerous forums and Q&A sites available; you simply need to discover the ones that align with your expertise. This is an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as an expert, further driving traffic to your website. After all, people are constantly seeking answers online, so why not position yourself as the trustworthy source they rely on?

Publish Free eBooks

Why not leverage your expertise to craft free eBooks on subjects that captivate artists and aspiring artists? This presents an exceptional marketing opportunity. By offering your eBooks for free, you significantly broaden the audience that will read them. Free eBooks have a tendency to spread rapidly across the internet.

Keep in mind that the primary goal is to raise awareness about your art and art business, rather than aiming for immediate financial gain. Make sure to include your business logo and relevant information in the eBook to remind readers of its origin.

Share your blog posts by submitting them to article directories.

Article directories serve as online platforms where individuals can freely submit articles pertaining to specific niches. Just like the previously mentioned methods, submitting your articles to these directories boosts your reputation as an authority in the art industry and guides potential customers to your website. Some of the most prominent and extensive online article directories include Squidoo, eHow, and Ezine Articles.

Engage in commenting on art blogs.

A highly effective strategy for expanding your network and driving traffic to your blog is to actively engage by leaving comments on other blogs within your art niche or on blogs that you find interesting. When you post a comment, it increases the likelihood of receiving a reply and attracting other readers to visit your site.

To begin, start by following the leading blogs in your niche and leave thoughtful, engaging comments that contribute value to the ongoing discussion. You can even include links to relevant posts on your own blog within your comment, which can capture the interest of other readers.

By commenting on other blogs, you not only enhance your visibility within the art community but also have the opportunity to interact with fellow artists and potential customers. So invest time in reading and leaving comments on other blogs, and observe how your network and website traffic grow steadily.

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