Best Tool to Transfer Google Drive to Another Account

by Adam Smith
Best Tool to Transfer Google Drive to Another Account

Common Ways to Transfer Google Drive to Another Account

Google Drive is Google’s cloud service and one of the most useful online tools for storing files, as it also syncs with services like Gmail. Although there is free storage, it also includes some paid Google Drive plans to expand this capacity. In the process of using Google Drive, users may transfer files in Google Drive to other accounts due to work or study needs. Usually,

As you can see above, there are several ways to move Google Drive files to another account, but each method requires you to upload and download manually or require you to set up complex sharing.

Best Tool for Transferring Google Drive to Another Account

MultCloud is a third-party service that allows users to organize and manage all cloud storage accounts in one convenient location.

MultCloud itself is not a cloud storage space, but an online platform that allows you to manage multiple other cloud drives of different brands at the same time. As long as you log in to one website platform, you can open multiple cloud drives of different brands or accounts at the same time, so that cloud data can be transferred or synchronized with each other.

MultCloud is especially suitable for those who have just purchased a new cloud drive, but the old files are still stored in the old cloud drive. At this time, as long as you use MultCloud to log in to two cloud drive accounts, you can transfer or copy files.

There is no need to leave your computer on when transferring, as MultCloud automatically transfers cloud data over the network. In addition, MultCloud is also very suitable for enterprises or teams to run and manage multiple cloud accounts at the same time: syncing or backing up file data,

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MultCloud Main Features:

A single online platform to manage all cloud storage accounts: As long as all cloud storage accounts are registered in MultCloud, all cloud storage file data can be managed at the same time, no need to open them separately.

Transfer data from different cloud drives to each other: You can upload, download, cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, etc. files between different cloud drives directly on the platform.

● Scheduled backup or sync of cloud data: In addition to transferring data immediately between different cloud drives, you can also set a scheduled date or time to perform scheduled cloud sync or backup tasks.

The files can still be transferred when the web browser is closed: MultCloud uses the cloud to manage the transferred files, so even if the web browser is closed, the files can still be transferred.

Suitable for merging multiple cloud drives: For example, if I just bought pCloud lifetime cloud space, then I can back up the files of all different free cloud drives to the main pCloud space at one time.

Public and private sharing of cloud files: You can set file or folder sharing functions directly on it, including public or private sharing.

How to Transfer Google Drive to Another Account with MultCloud?

With the “Cloud Transfer” feature in MultCloud, you can transfer Google Drive to another quickly.

1. Go to the MultCloud website and create a free account.

Go to the MultCloud website and create a free account

2. On the home screen, click on the option titled “Add Cloud” in the left panel.

click on the option titled “Add Cloud” in the left panel

3. Click on Google Drive and you will be taken to the Google login page. Add the account of your choice, then grant MultCloud access to your Google account.

Click on Google Drive

4. Depending on your preferences, you can change the display name of your Google Drive account and add other accounts.

 Google Drive account

5. Then repeat the process to add the second account.

6. After adding two accounts, enter the “Cloud Transfer” interface, and select Google Drive Account 1 and Google Drive 2 as the source and destination respectively. Alternatively, you can choose a specific path for both accounts.

Cloud Transfer

7. Then click “Options” and “Schedule” below to set options such as email notification, file filtering or scheduled transfer, and finally, click “Transfer Now“. Once the transfer is complete, all your files will be copied to your second Google Drive account.

In the process of transferring data, if you feel that the 5GB of free data provided by MultCloud is not enough, you can purchase data according to your needs.

► Limited data (fixed transfer traffic):

► Unlimited data (unlimited data transfer):


MultCloud is a pretty good cloud-to-cloud management platform. Basically, you only need to use an online website to manage all the cloud drive file data at hand, whether it is one-way or two-way backup and sync. Different drive brands can be linked to each other, which is really convenient for people who are using multiple different cloud spaces at the same time.

You can use the basic functions like transferring, backing up or syncing single or multiple files or folders, and you can also set a schedule to back up data regularly. Because sometimes you forget to back up when you are busy, the function of this scheduled backup is quite intimate.

I think MultCloud is very suitable for individuals, small teams, and even large enterprises, especially now that more and more files are digitally backed up, accessed and shared at work, and an integrated tool is needed to manage multiple cloud spaces, so I would recommend MultCloud to manage cloud drives.

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