4 iPhone to iPhone Music Transfer Tools

by Jennifer Caston
4 iPhone to iPhone Music Transfer Tools

When it comes to transferring data between an iPhone and another iPhone, AirDrop is a good choice. It can help us transfer photos, videos, contacts, locations, etc. between two iPhones using different Apple IDs. However, due to copyright protection, it will not help you transfer songs. AirDrop can only let you share a link for the selected music.

If you want to transfer songs to your own iPhone, you can simply log in to your account and download all the purchased music on the device. However, how to transfer downloaded music from iPhone to iPhone?

This guide will focus on the tools that can help you transfer purchased and non-purchased songs from one iPhone to iPhone. You can read first and then choose the one that best meets your needs.

iPhone to iPhone music transfer tool – FoneTool for iOS

FoneTool for iOS is one free and fast data transfer tool for iOS devices, it can help you wirelessly transfer data from one iPhone to another one. The tool allows you to transfer data without celullar data worry – the transfer does not require Wi-Fi and does not consume cellular data.

It’s a good choice if you want to transfer non purchased music to new iPhone. It is able to transfer music files stored in Apple Music app and Files app. You can go to App Store to download FoneTool on both devices and start the transfer:

  • When you get to the main screen of the app, you should first go to Connect Device to establish the connection.
  • After that, you can go to File Transfer and choose Music or Files to select the music files you want to transfer and tap Send to start.
  • You can check the process via Transfer List. When it’s done, you can tap to play the music or open the song via other music apps.

iPhone to iPhone music transfer tool – FoneTool for Windows

FoneTool is one professional iOS data management tool for Windows users, which supports data backup and data transfer. It’s a good choice if you want to:

  • Transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone
  • Transfer music from one Apple ID to another
  • Transfer purchased or non-purchased music
  • Transfer music from your iPhone to your friends device
  • Transfer music without loss of quality

FoneTool supports data transfer between iPhone and computer. You can first export songs from iPhone A to computer and then add songs to iPhone B. It will list all the music albums so that you can easily find the songs you need.


FoneTool is also a good choice if you want to transfer music from PC to iPhone without iTunes. It can help you transfer MP3 files to iPhone from computer, external hard drve or USB flash drive without erasing the existing songs on device.

iPhone to iPhone music transfer tool – Send AnyWhere

Although AirDrop cannot help you transfer music files from iPhone to another one, there are AirDrop-like apps that can help you achieve the transfer. Xender, SHAREit, Send AnyWhere are the most recommended.

Those apps will connect two iPhones using their own technology and help you transfer data over Wi-Fi. You can download the app on both devices and start the transfer. Most of them can help you transfer files between nearby devices and Send AnyWhere can help you transfer files anywhere in the world.


In addition, these apps can also help you transfer data wirelessly between iPhone and computer. If you always want AirDrop for Windows, don’t forget to give it a try.

iPhone to iPhone music transfer tool – Dropbox

You can also take advantage of cloud storage services to transfer non-purchased music from iPhone to iPhone with different Apple IDs. First upload songs to cloud on the source iPhone and then download songs from cloud to the target iPhone.

For example, if you want to transfer music via Dropbox, you can download Dropbox app on both iPhones, then upload music files to Dropbox on the source iPhone. After that, you can log in to the same account on the target iPhone to check the songs. You can tap to play the song or save the song for offline listening.



Above are 4 tools that can help you transfer music from iPhone to iPhone. All the tools can help you transfer music between different Apple IDs but only FoneTool can help you transfer both purchased and non-purchased songs.

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